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Before you leave


Umrah can be a great family holiday, full of great lessons for children and spiritual connections. Hajj, on the other hand, can be physically demanding and extremely laborious. The majority of pilgrims don’t take their children on Hajj with them. Most Hajj agents will refuse to accomodate children but those who do will charge less than the adult price. 

Infants: Pilgrims often leave their children with the children’s grandparents or other close relatives when going on Hajj. If you must take infants on Hajj or if you are on Umrah with infants it can help to purchase a baby carrier before you go.

Children: Child harnesses can help in the bustling rush of the Two Holy Mosques. We recommend you be prudent and write your name, address and a contact number (with dialling code) on the child’s harness and clothing. It will be worth while discussing certain landmarks with the children so they may be able to navigate to the hotel if, Allah forbid, they became lost.

Teenagers: Older children and teenagers are young adults, so your preparation for Hajj or Umrah should include their input. They should be encouraged to be involved with every step of preparation and the journey itself.

Debt and Mortgages

If you are in debt then you technically do not have the financial means to go on Hajj. If you have just enough money to go on Hajj or to pay off the debt, then you should pay the debt off first. If the debt is a long term debt and your debtor is patient enough to wait for the debt to be paid off later or agrees in some other way then you can go on Hajj.

Riba based loans, however, are haraam which should be ended as soon as you can.


Smoking harms your health. There is no disagreement between any healthcare professionals.

Allah ﷻ says:

"And He makes good things halaal for them and bad things haraam."

Quran 7:157

"Do not kill yourself. Allah is Merciful unto you."

Quran 4:29

Imagine going on Hajj or Umrah and being in Ihram and having to smoke because you are addicted to smoking. So, on the one hand you are making dua for Allah to forgive you but you are at the same time disobeying Him.

We suggest you quit smoking well in advance. Nowadays, there are various products which can help you quit smoking which can get through your local GP or purchase at your local pharmacy.

Some of these items are shown by the NHS.

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