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When is it fardh (obligatory) upon you?

Hajj becomes fardh when the following conditions are met:

  • You are Muslim
  • You are sane
  • You have a mahram (for women)
  • You are an adult, i.e. over the age of puberty
  • You can afford it
  • You are physically able
  • Your earnings are lawful

Can you delay Hajj?

Some Muslims delay Hajj until they are older or until they are more devout but Hajj is a journey towards piety and is intended for sinners to expiate their sins.

One does not know when Allah may take their life. Imagine after all of your sins, you also have to account for not completing the obligation of Hajj as well.

If you can afford Hajj and you do not go on Hajj despite this, then look at the words of our Prophet ﷺ:

“Verily I intended to send my men to these areas in order to look for such people who do not perform Hajj although they can afford it. To impose Jizya (money paid by non-Muslims) on them. Such people are not Muslims, they are not Muslims”

And Ali رضي الله عنه said:

“One who does not perform Hajj though he can afford to do so, it does not matter if he dies a Jew or a Christian"

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