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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

May Allah have mercy upon you, the reader of this guide, and give you the ability to perform Hajj and Umrah with its full rewards.

We have produced this guide for those intending to go on Hajj or Umrah and anyone interested in learning about it's rites.

This guide is aimed at those pilgrims who know little and starts from a basic level. With this guide, we intend to build you up to a good level of understanding. We discuss your religious and practical preparation at length, so if you need to navigate through the guide use the search function in the top bar.

There are some fiqhi differences of opinion which we have not discussed in detail and there may be some fringe topics of discussion which we have omitted for the ease of the reader. For such topics we suggest that you consult a reliable scholar who can advise you in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

While on Umrah or Hajj pilgrims often carry their mobile phones as well as a Hajj or Umrah guide book. We produced this guide as an app so pilgrims do not need to carry two items with them and to lighten the burden on the guests of Allah.

This guide was made possible by the permission of Allah. We thank Allah and ask Him to accept it from us.

The Prophet ﷺ said:

"He who does not thank the people is not thankful to Allah."

Abu Dawud

So after thanking Him we must acknowledge that this guide would not have been possible without the works of several scholars which we consulted for writing this guide. We ask Allah to have mercy on all the scholars whose books we used and those who checked the guide for us.

We're constantly updating this guide to make it better. Notice any errors? Want to contribute? Get in touch.