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If you are on a shifting package you will most likely be shifted to an area close to Mina called Aziziyah. Non-shifting packages do not bring their pilgrims to Aziziyah, except basic Non-Shifting Aziziyah Hajj packages which have their entire stay in Aziziyah. Aziziyah accommodation is usually in apartment blocks as opposed to hotels.

The buildings you will stay in will unlikely be well known to taxi drivers, so ask the reception staff for a card of the building or to write down instructions on how to get to the accommodation when you go out, with an address.

Write a plan

Typically, you will stay here a few days before and after Hajj. You should utilise the days before Hajj to prepare for the mighty journey which you are about to embark upon. Hajj can be overwhelming even when people are prepared. The days in Aziziyah can serve well to reconnect with the goals of what you wish to achieve from Hajj. This can be done by planning what you want to make du'a for and what you plan to do on each day of Hajj.

Even writing something simple can help focus you on the goal at hand.

Example Plan

8th Dhul Hijjah

Mina - Get plenty of rest. Read Adhkaar and Quran.

9th Dhul Hijjah

Arafah - I will try not to eat too much. I’ll try to get rested. Then from Dhuhr - Asr inshaaAllah I’ll make dua. I need to make dua for mum, dad, wife, children, sister, brother and their children, uncles, aunties, wider family, friends and acquintances and the whole Muslim ummah alive and those who passed away. Also for Abu Fulaan who has an illness.

Muzdalifah - I will rest as much as possible

10th Dhul Hijjah

I will take it slow. I will stay hydrated and eat as well as I complete the stoning of the Jamarat and the tawaaf and Sa'ee. I will keep my mobile charged so that I can get news of when the Qurbani is done. After this I will rest and recoup my energy.

11th Dhul Hijjah

Here I will make dua and read Quran as I go to stone the Jamarat

12th Dhul Hijjah

Here I will make dua and read Quran as I go to stone the Jamarat

13th Dhul Hijjah

Here I will make dua and read the Quran. After that I will return back to my hotel and start taking a taxi to Masjid al-Haram for some of the daily salah.

Try not to burden or exert yourself during the days before Hajj because the days of Hajj are physically demanding. The last thing you want to do is be too tired or unable to perform the fardh actions of Hajj because you exerted yourself doing nawafil acts of worship such as extra tawaaf.

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