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Returning home

When you set off home and leave Makkah or Madinah, try to make your last action in either city a good deed such as du'a. Remember the journey home is the first chapter of your new life after the completion of Hajj.

At the airport you are allowed to take one 5L bottle of Zamzam with you. To the left of the arrivals at Jeddah airport there is a booth where you have to show your passport and pay a nominal fee for the Zamzam. We suggest you have a pen with you to write your name on the box so you can recognise your box at arrivals in your home country.

*Warning* Do not put excess Zamzam in your luggage, as it is illegal.

When you get on the plane, avoid falling into old habits and watching movies or TV shows on the entertainment system. Instead try to keep the spirit of your Hajj going in your home country.

When you arrive home and are happy to see your family and friends, use this opportunity to guide them to the truth and encourage them to go on Hajj. This is a great opportunity because if they go on Hajj due to your encouragement then you will share in the reward of their Hajj inshaaAllah. This will be better than focusing on the negatives of your journey, remember that you were a guest of Allah so try not to complain about the difficulties you face and inshaaAllah they will be a reward for you too.

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