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Regarding your Hajj journey

Sadly for budding hujjaj, the Hajj industry is litered with charlatans and outright scam artists. These people look to take advantage of those who might struggle to pay the high Hajj prices and become allured by artificially low prices of scammers.

Before booking any Hajj package, always look for:

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Even by following this advice, there’s still a chance that you may fall victim to being missold on a Hajj package. However, you do reduce the possibility of it by being more diligent.

Keep in mind, there are things that are legitimately out of Hajj providers control:

Examples of what you should lodge a complaint about include:

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To submit a complaint about any Hajj company or hotel, simply email us the following details:

Once you submit a complaint, we'll get back to you within 5 working days, advising you on what your next steps might be.